Why Go Virtual

Meet students from the Middle East and recruit them on YouStudy Virtual Education fair

Competition in the international student recruitment market is intensifying every year. While Marketing and recruitment budgets are getting smaller. Participating in every conventional fair is both time and money consuming with challenging return on investment. Universities expect to meet and connect with students in conventional fairs, but reality is that those who are willing pursue their studies are frequently unable to come to those events. So, the problem is how to connect universities with students while saving money and time for both parties? YouStudy Virtual Education fair is the way to make it convenient for both universities and students. It allows you to connect with students without having to leave your office and give students the opportunity to communicate with universities without having to leave home!

Benefits to Universities:

Save time and money. Meet students from different GCC countries (including those already in the UK) without having to travel. No transportation expenses involved. You can attend from anywhere.
Chat, talk to students as you would in a physical education fair, but you have control on to whom you want to dedicate your time and for how long.
You can collect as many student details as you like. Even if you cannot talk to them at the same time, you can always schedule Skype meetings at a convenience time after the event.
YouStudy will take care of all promotional activities. All you need to do is to enjoy communicating with students and be available for their queries.

Benefits to students

Students can access YouStudy fair from anywhere or on the go. All they need is Internet connection.
Just like university representatives, students do not have to spend time on travelling to the venue.
Using a virtual bag - students can collect required information (e.g. prospectuses, videos, etc) with a click of a button. They also have the option to initiate a voice/video chat with university representatives.
Using the group chat facility, students can interact with each other and ask questions.

During the Event

YouStudy Virtual Fair will be open for three consecutive days in April 2016 (exact dates to be confirmed) on http://fair.youstudy.com/. Universities can talk to students throughout the entire day. You are kindly advised to specify chat times for your representatives, these times well be displayed to your booth.
The platform is capable of auto translating the chat text from English to Arabic and vice versa
YouStudy team will be available from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM (UK time), and platform tech support will be available during the day. So rest assured that you will receive full support during event days in case you need any.

Visual Appearance

YouStudy fair is hosted by experienced virtual fair provider on a sophisticated and versatile platform that is easy to use and offers both universities and students the environment of a physical event. Booths are fully customised and will be designed to your requirements. The platform is optimized for multiple devices (e.g. desktop, laptops, tablets and smart phones). Please click here to view booth samples.


  • YouStudy virtual fair will be promoted using multiple channels, some of which are:
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Networks such as (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc)
  • SMS and email marketing campaigns
  • Advertising on major education and employment portals.
  • Local student portals, magazines and specialised websites.
  • Direct mail.

All universities have the option to choose the look and location of their booth. Please note that booth design is completed using materials provided by universities. There is no charge for this service.